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The WASSUP line is composed of 6 different shapes to cover all possible rider’s uses. All adult versions are 31' wide and feature a wide nose and straight outline for great tracking and good glide. The 10', 10'5" and 11' are exceptional boards for first timers on flat water and in waves. The narrower tail and progressively increasing rocker make them surprisingly lively but still stable and forgiving when riding waves.

These boards are no compromise paddle boards but they are great windsurf boards as well. WASSUP stands for Windsurf AS SUP. All sizes are available in a Convertible version, with a removable center fin for added stability, upwind sailing performance and much improved maneuverability when not planing. The 8'5" and 10' have footstrap inserts for windsurfing as well.
The WASSUP line is built in EPX heavy duty, full double stringer epoxy glass technology for sizes 11”, 10'5", 10”, 9' and 8’5”.
The Sofskin versions are built in PE soft deck and slick bottom construction and there is one additional size, an 8’0” kids board.

Visit the RRD website for more details, images and videos.

Download a PDF with details on all RRD SUP boards here.


2011 WASSUP line-up:

The perfect kids board! Built with a special PE deck and soft slick bottom, plastic fins and rubber tail end, the Eight Kid is the safe and simple approach for kids playing in the water and learning how to paddle and ride waves. Available also in the convertible version
to be used as a windsurf board!

Images of this board on the water on the RRD North America Facebook page.

WASSUP Eight Five Stinger EPX
31” wide!!! Stable and easy to ride for all levels. With the same riding characteristics as the Ten Stinger, the Eight Five Stinger is a revolutionary size. Small, compact and easy enough to be paddled by a beginner, this SUP will fit inside a station wagon!!! Try it as a windsurf board and you will love it. Some windsurf schools have been using this board to teach planing and footstrap use. Believe it! The Convertible version is also an exceptional kids paddle and windsurf board.

Check out these pictures of the Wassup 8'5" on this website or on the RRD North America Facebook page.

Also have a look at a video on the SUP video page for footage of this board being used as a windsurfing wave board in Florida (with white sail).

WASSUP Ten Stinger EPX
Still 31” wide!!! Stable and easy to ride for all levels. The special stinger outline drastically reduces the wetted surface behind the standing area, allowing the board to be ridden with a better performance level in the waves. This together with a set of thruster fins enhances the turning and planing potential. Equipped with inserts for footstraps, the WASSUP Ten Stinger is a great funboard for any occasion!

Check out the second video on the SUP video page for footage of this board being used as a windsurf board in Maui waves

The base shape of our well-known SUP Eleven introduced in 2009 remains a reference board for entry-level program and a very versatile shape both for flat water and waves. Well balanced and stable thanks to its 31” of width, the WASSUP Eleven is the board for everyone.

Softskin™ Line
The softskin line is a very versatile line of boards based on the same technology and finishing level as our EasyRide windsurf boards. It features fully recessed EVA deck for maximum comfort and a very lightweight technology, weighing just 25lbs, exceptionally light for a board this size.

Check out these images of the Standup Eleven in action at Solo Sports - Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico and a video of this board in action on the SUP video page.


New for 2011: WASSUP Softskin

The Wassup Softskin line is built with a special PE Deck and softskin bottom Epoxy Glass tech to allow a safe and easy approach to watersports.
All boards are very accessible paddle boards but they are also great sailboards and also come available in a CONVERTIBLE version, with a removable center fin of added stability and to be able to sail upwind in light air.

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